Breathe Wiser Training
learn healthy breathing and stress resistance

De Ademwijzer training geeft het beste uit Buteyko, Mindfulness en Lichaamswerk. Het zijn wetenschappelijk onderbouwde ademoefeningen voor chronische hyperventilatie. Mooi als je een alternatief zoekt voor aanpakken met ademgymnastiek. We doen het tegenovergsetlde als de Iceman Wim Hof. Daar ga je juist hyperventilaren. Dus hyperventilatie of een hyperventilatie aanval, verkeerde ademhaling, onrustige ademhaling, hoge ademhaling, oppervlakkige ademhaling, te snelle ademhaling? Volg de Ademwijzer training! Een natuurlijke oplossing voor chronische hyperventilatie, acute hyperventilatie of hyperventilatie aanvallen.

Who am I?

Hello, I am Marc Scheffer, Master in Social Science, Anthropology and educated Buteyko breathterapist. Our approach can reduce many health problems, gives more energy, allow you to relax more efficiently and deal better with stress. Our knowledge comes from our own experience with severe healthproblems, our work with hundreds of clients since 2010 and scientific research.
Our startingpoint is respect for the functioning of the respiratory center and the body as a complex system. The respiratory center (in the brain) regulates breathing and is the only place where breathing can be reset naturally. So with us no machines or ‘breathing gymnastics’ that are often ineffective and difficult to maintain. Also attention to reduce stress levels is essential to boost your health.
We provide individual training courses tailored to the person. We mostly train via Skype, FaceTime or another online platform. Extensive support with audio and video material.

MSc. Marc Scheffer, Buteyko breathing and stress coach, Mindfulness trainer
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Check your breath in a minute

Sit upright in a chair and breathe gently through your nose for a minute. After a normal, calm exhalation, pinch your nose and look at the second hand. When you feel the urge to breathe again, look at the second hand again and let go of your nose. You may be able to stop your breathing longer than this initial urge, but then you will need to take one or more deeper than normal breaths afterwards. If so, wait a few minutes and test again. The results may diverge, but almost never much more than 5 seconds.


  • Result between 5 and 15 seconds: your breathing volume and stress level are far too great and can lead to very serious health problems.
  • Result between 15 and 25 seconds: your breathing volume and stress level are too great and can lead to serious health problems.
  • Result between 25 and 35 seconds: your breathing and stress level are reasonably good, but improvement is still recommended.
  • Result from 40 seconds: you have a healthy breathing volume and low stress levels. Applying this training can have a preventive effect in times of stress.

Results Breathe Wiser training in general

  • Increased oxygen uptake in the organs, muscles and brain so that they function better
  • A hormone system that is more in balance (including more stable mood, less problems with PMS or menopausal complaints).
  • Better functioning gastrointestinal system
  • More energy
  • Sick less quickly and less long
  • Faster recovery from exercise
  • More resistant to physical, mental and emotional stress
  • Better night's sleep: easier staying asleep and waking up more rested
  • Decrease or disappearance of (chronic) complaints
  • Phasing out unnecessary medication -in consultation with the doctor-

Which stress factors do we have to deal with?

Emotional stress (relationship, work, death, ...), which do you have?
Mental stress (work, study, ...), which do you have?
Physical stress (work, sports, ...), which do you have?
Stress in the living and working environment (noise, smell, ...), which do you have?
Stress due to (chronic) illness / disorders, which do you have?
Stress due to informal care

Specific health issues, click here to

Difficulty thinking clearly
Excitement for no reason
Fear for no reason
Cry for no reason
Quickly irritated
Loss of concentration
Unreal feeling
Feeling like you are not participating in reality

Wheezing often
Not enough air
Often stuffy
Quickly out of breath with exertion
Nighttime breathlessness

Tired muscles
Low resistance
Always tired

Hearing loss
Ringing in the ears (Tinnitus)
Sensitivity to noise (Hyperacusis)

Nose and throat
Blocked or runny nose
Coughing up tough mucus
Sneezing a lot

Dry skin
Dry mouth
Itching on arms and / or legs

Gastric acid
Inflammation in the stomach or intestines
Unusual stools

Tense or sore muscles
Little power
Tension in the chest

Blood circulation
Numbness in limbs
Tingling Pain near the heart
High bloodpressure
Low bloodpressure
Feeling faint

To sleep
Getting to sleep badly
Sleep lightly
Sleep apnea
Getting up tired in the morning
Often urinate at night
Interrupted sleep

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Already been to 8 specialists
Hi Marc, I'm really doing much better with the exercises, it makes a difference from day to night. The most valuable thing is that with your training and tips I have been able to almost completely eliminate my complaints that I have been dealing with for 10 years, while I have already been to 8 specialists in the hospital, and that is something very big.
Steven, Scientific researcher, Wageningen

Very valuable training
I have found the training to be very valuable. It is the best thing I have tried in recent years and I have an explanation for my complaints and a tool to reduce them.
Marc is a good trainer, with a lot of knowledge. He is helpful and always available for questions and explains it thoroughly.
I found my own way in the training. I feel like a completely different person. I'm full of energy and I don't really experience any stress anymore. The focus I had on my pain is no longer there and there is room for all kinds of other things again. I am no longer easily overstimulated and irritated and I can handle much more (everything). My palpitations have disappeared and my nose is almost always open. I know what to do when this isn't the case. I recover faster. It's hard to say if my hay fever is completely gone. I still use the meds, but I think I could do without them. I notice that I can walk outside on bad days and my eyes are less watery. I no longer have to sneeze. However, on severe hay fever days I am even more sensitive to certain foods that also contain histamine, which has an effect on my intestines. On other days I don't notice much of these allergies and the effect on my gut.
Anne-Marijke, educationalist, Zwolle

As reborn

I felt anxious, physically ill, no longer trusted my body and had no control over my breathing. My biggest wish was to regain confidence in my body.
I now feel reborn. I am proud of the motivation and discipline I felt, born of the urgent need to change something. I have learned and experienced how stress has hindered, blocked and severely weakened me physically in recent years. I have now regained control of my health and I understand my body better. Taking care of myself has also given me more confidence. I am very grateful for that.
Rianne, legal assistant, Den Bosch

Do what fits

I started this workout hoping to find some recovery for the increased tinnitus. The breath is the key in this training and I learned a lot from it. The structure of the training and supervision is very supportive and provides room for one's own path. Marc often indicates doing what is appropriate. A very true point. Doing what fits and that gives results step by step. I am grateful to Marc for that. A little further. Learned something that is applicable on a daily basis and not far away. The breath is always with you a benevolent instrument.
Now become your own and continue step by step. You don't forget what Marc teaches you.
Henk, retired, Holten

Pilot Boeing 737 completely fit to fly again

During my puberty I was diagnosed with chronic hyperventilation (CHV). This gave me a wide range of vague complaints that I carried with me ever since. This eventually escalated into a temporary 'unsuitable report' last year. With many colleagues (but also outside of work) I often hear about the same type of complaints, especially low resistance, sleeping problems and low energy, but also intestinal problems and muscle tension complaints. With the Breath Guide training I have learned to improve my breathing, resulting in a significant reduction of the complaints. As a result, I have not so much started to perform better at work, but I am less often sick, tired or 'not-fit-to-fly'. Most complaints have (largely) disappeared and I have much more energy again. Despite the fact that I did not know that breathing could have such a major impact on health, I have become convinced of the benefits that can be gained from healthy breathing, based on deep and regular relaxation. The therapy requires discipline and time, but it certainly benefits health and productivity! When people start with this in time, it can also have a preventive effect against longer sickness absence before it escalates, like with me. I recommend it to everyone.
Arjen, captain, Lisse

Nice guidance

I have experienced the training as very pleasant. Marc's guidance really helps you through the process. It went with ups and downs and by sometimes having short contact or receiving a message, I regained the courage to get back to work with new energy. I am satisfied with the result I have achieved in these 12 weeks. I have experienced that you have to stay close to yourself and your own feelings, for me that was the best way to maximize the chance of success.
Mary, manager

Realize what it takes to get out of the stress

The breathe wiser training has helped me especially well in the process of becoming aware. You will experience your body more consciously and through the exercises you gradually bring more peace to your system. For me it also applies that as my body becomes calmer, various feelings and sensations come up that have probably been suppressed somewhere for years because of my hectic lifestyle. With the increase of the CP, I often come across all kinds of things after which it drops again. In the phase of young children it is a challenge to continue to build in the exercises, but since I notice the effect, I try to make it a regular part of my day. I am now on average at a CP of 30, it is going in the right direction, but I now also realize what is needed to get my body out of the stress even more. I am very motivated to continue with this and I am curious where I can go.
Hieke, farmer, Holten

Glad I took the training

I am glad I took the training. I didn't know that breathing has such an impact on your well-being, in so many areas. I feel much better than before the training. My breathing still remains a point, can still be upset, but much less than before. I am confident that it will continue to get better, my body also has to get used to it of course. Thanks for the guidance, friendly and knowledgeable.
Marijke, nurse, Hilversum

More responsible with my health

Prior to the Breathwijzer training I had problems with allergies (heavy sneezing fits), shortness of breath with sports and a wrong breathing rhythm due to trauma (due to a broken nose). This affected the feeling of stress, because I was constantly thinking about breathing. The first consultation already brought peace to the breathing and the tingling was immediately noticeably less. Now I realize much earlier when I experience stress and I have to take a step back. The allergy medicines are no longer needed on a daily basis, but only on heavy days. Exercising is easier, the recovery of the body is faster. I am more responsible with my health and want to continue to grow in this.
Dennis, student, Arnhem

No more asthma medication for four months

It's going very well at the moment. Get more and more rest and energy. Check-up break is regularly at 35. And I've been off medication for my asthma for four months now. Had another sinus infection. It is also going so well that my mental health program will be completed in September. I'm super glad I did this workout!
Tine, administrative assistant, Haren

Really relaxed

As a single mother with 2 wonderful kids, I was used to going on and on. I do that with love of course. But I was completely exhausted after a period of 8 years in which I also had to lose both my parents. I had put my social contacts on the back burner. And I tried to keep all the balls in the air.
The training taught me how to really relax. And my breathing is back on track. I came into a bath full of energy and air. And I notice much less tension in my body and so much more energy! This is really the key to success for me and I wish this to everyone.
Angela, budget coach, Amsterdam

High blood pressure lowered

Due to high blood pressure and an always tense feeling in my body, I contacted Marc. Before I started the Breath Guide training, my blood pressure, taking 4 types of pills, was between 145 and 175. After about 8 weeks of practice, my blood pressure has dropped, now with only 1 pill a day, to between 120 and 135. I still do the exercises 2 times a day and I hope to not need any medication at all in a few weeks. In addition, I keep getting compliments from my life partner that I have become so much calmer and look much more relaxed.
Wim, IT specialist, Hoogeveen

Much more energetic, less rushed

I am so happy with this form of breathing therapy that focuses on relaxation. It took some time and patience, but to my surprise, I have been relieved of most of my allergic asthma!
Rick, catering employee, Rotterdam

Fewer Depression Pills

Dear Marc, it has been a long time since we had contact. At a normal pace I stick to the breathing exercises. I feel fine and my heart no longer bothers me. And .... I already limit the number of depression pills to once every three days. (instead of every day) So that is also going in the right direction (...).

Results soon

I started the exercise right after the consultation yesterday. Perhaps strange to say, but I don't feel nauseous and tense anymore. Slept through the night and didn't snore! I woke up very happy and I see it all right again. Nice start, so I'll continue on the chosen path.
Richard, logistics employee, Animals

I can perceive my body better because of this training
I have become aware of the ingredients needed on the road to health. It may take us a little longer, but that's okay. What I also really like is that I have learned more about observing my own body. I always did the body scan very quickly, but only now, by focusing on a body part more often, I can only feel the body part. Now, after 3 months, sensations of presence have returned in eg thighs, I think this is really great.
Diana, psychologist, Amsterdam

Solution for stress period

The nice thing about the exercises is that I now have a solution for the days when I don't feel so well and get complaints again. The exercise gives rest and the complaints often disappear quickly. I did not have that solution / way out before I did this training and that often felt literally hopeless.
Huib, ambulance driver, Bodegraven

Less tension in body

After a week I noticed that my CP was already going up. And after a week I slept better again. Also the burden I had of my legs especially at night became less. I felt the tension in my body change. No more shaky feeling inside. My concentration and short term memory have improved. At the moment I am in a busy and quite exciting period and I notice that practicing is very useful right now.
Marloes, PhD student RU, Dedemsvaart

Presenting calmly

This week I received a nice compliment twice. The first was from a fellow teacher. She knows that I do this training and found that I looked calmer and my eyes glowed. The second compliment came from a parent, she did not know that I follow this training. At a benefit evening, where she was also present, I had to give a presentation. Afterwards she indicated that I presented more calmly than a while ago during a parents' evening and that she could see that my breathing was calmer. A nice boost that motivates me again!
Marleen, teacher, De Bilt

Less tired, faster recovery

The relaxation exercises are very pleasant to do and do not cost me any effort. I noticed an improvement in my situation quite quickly. I feel more relaxed, the hyperventilations are much less and I am slowly getting more energy to keep things going. I'm starting to feel a bit better and I'm sleeping much better which means I'm making more and more progress. If I sometimes go over my limit and I have a relapse, I do the exercises again for a while and then I immediately notice an improvement. However, I still have to be careful not to get too enthusiastic with the energy I now have again so that my battery does not run out again. I wish I had discovered this method sooner, I think it would have saved me a lot of trouble.
Martijn, lecturer Technical University, Delft

Less breathless and 70% less medication needed

Lowest Control Pause ever was: 11 sec.
Average Control Pause is: Currently around 30 sec.
Highest Control Pause to date: 34 sec.
Additions to the evaluation Marc thank you very much for the tools you have provided during this training. The breathing exercises are going very well and I do it a few times every day. I personally find the relaxation exercises a bit more difficult, but this is also getting better at times.
What did you find strong points in the training? That I am now aware of how to breathe properly, because of this I don't get out of breath as quickly and I need 70% less medication.
Marian, nurse, Franeker

An overall calmer feeling

Marc is a good, expert trainer who gives confidence from openness. The positive approach is reassuring. It is wonderful to suddenly realize that certain complaints have disappeared and that you feel calmer all over. This should be much more widely known. Why not let children gain experience with this? And don't wait for complaints, do it now.
Remco, entrepreneur, Zutphen

Significantly fewer complaints

I no longer suffer from high breath, pressure in the chest, a floating feeling, agitated feeling, tightness, fatigue, palpitations, nausea, abdominal pain, irritability and a feeling of fear. I also deal with stress much better. I regularly stop my work to reset. I also enjoy driving and doing the housework more relaxed. I can't even do anything right now! I don't always have to do everything. I enjoy more.
Yvonne, agogic employee, Vechel

Wish I had known this 30 years ago

I am very happy that I did this training. Wish I had known this 30 years ago. Glad I can feel so much better so easily. This can certainly be used permanently. It feels good to have time for myself.
Martin, graphic designer, Utrecht

Time to recharge

These exercises are really great and actually it is wonderful to do them. Take some time for yourself and then I feel energetic again. The PMS is also a lot less, I used to suffer for 2 weeks, now 2 days.
Marieke, administrative assistant, Barneveld

After 20 years of complaints finally reduced

After years of searching, it helped me to greatly reduce my complaints that had been present for 20 years, so nice! Everyone should try this, good for physical and mental health.
Miranda, Supervisor, Almere

More aware and calmer

It feels good when I have done an exercise again. I am less rushed, I am more consciously present and calmer in situations. This allows me to better guard my limits and I am generally happier. I'm also less frantic with things I think, I can let go a little faster. My restlessness and general malaise have diminished!
Nicole, event manager, The Hague

Tried everything and nothing helped

Many breath therapies promise a lot, but the results are not there or are only temporary. Very frustrating. But many of those vague complaints that I had to deal with have now all but disappeared and I am very grateful for that.
Tim, policy officer, Hilversum

No more urine loss

I have almost no urine leakage anymore. Be more relaxed anyway. I am more able to build peace into my life and now I am largely in control of my (re)tension.
Paul, HR employee, Deventer

No more afraid to go to bed

Because of sleep apnea, asthma and poor falling and staying asleep, I started doing the Breath Guide training. That night I fell asleep quickly. I have been sleeping much better because of the exercises. I miss it when I don't. My asthma has also decreased, no more shortness of breath. My life is worth living again. I'm so glad I did this.
Linda, Practice Nurse, Bussum


I feel healthier, calmer and happier, also and perhaps especially because the therapy has given me insight into the nature of my complaints.
Pieter, entrepreneur, Vianen

Can now stay by myself in stressful situations

I feel my feet on the ground, have learned to let my breath settle and realize that, for example, by washing my hands quickly and stressed, they will not get any cleaner. I now do this more calmly and I really feel my hands while washing my hands.
I notice that my view is broader again. I'm more with myself and because of that I don't keep the stress with me all the time.
Patricia, Nurse, Deventer

Mail from a pastor who travels a lot

I have much less dizziness and feel happy again. I travel a lot, but I do my exercises faithfully. Thank you for helping me get started with this method.
Maarten, representative, Helmond

It only gets better

My name is William and I am an international truck driver. A few years ago, complaints started to appear: excessive sweating, palpitations and the feeling of fainting became more and more common. The doctors concluded that I had hyperventilation. I then went to the physiotherapist for breathing exercises, without success. Various breathing exercises from the internet also did not help. Even been on the pills for over 2 years, but nothing worked. By means of the Breathe wiser training I started to breathe differently in 5 weeks. In the past I had a hyperventilation attack every 3 to 4 hours. Was dead tired, had no energy and was irritable. Now, after 4 weeks of practice, only 1x a week such an attack, more energy and breathing has become much better. A lot of complaints are disappearing. It only gets better and I'm only 5 weeks on!
William, truck driver, Bergen op Zoom

This method is in-depth and of high quality

After a major aneurysm operation, I accidentally ended up at Marc Scheffer and followed the Breath Guide training there. I practiced for two months with an astonishing result of breathing better, speaking better and more calmly and, above all, sleeping better and being able to deal with tension. I can recommend it to everyone, because the effect of this method is profound and of high quality.
Wouter, baker, Rotterdam

No more apneas and no more hemorrhoids

It is very nice that my apneas are over, but it is special that my hemorrhoids have also disappeared!
Michel, optician, Leeuwarden

Increased libido

I feel much more vital. And I hardly dare to say it, but the sex is also going so much better. I'm over 60 now, but I feel 18 again.
Mariska, HR manager, Dordrecht

Empty head

Thanks to the exercises, I kept enough energy during a very stressful period and I was also able to clear my head better. I'm glad I did this.
Rianne, store manager, Zwolle

Effective help with burnout

I suffered from a burnout. Tried everything, the only thing that really helped me is the Breathe wiser training.
Sander, professor, Utrecht

Asthma medication phased out

When I didn't know anything about the tidal volume, I avoided it, because of. my shortness of breath, rooms with smoke. When I reported my shortness of breath to my doctor again, he insisted that I still use puffs, there was really no alternative.
After 5 years of use I was sometimes less stuffy, but I had respiratory problems for at least 6 weeks a year and I was well ill for at least 4 weeks. I heard about the Breathe wiser training and started doing it right away. In consultation with my curious GP, I switched to an exclusively anti-inflammatory puff. That went well, after a few months we halved the dose. When a lung function test showed that things were going so well, I again asked for the dose to be halved. After consultation with my doctor, she called me that I could stop taking the puff for 4-6 weeks to experience how that would go. Initially I suffered from a bit more mucus but now it's going well. So good that I kind of forgot about it.
Esther, operating assistant, Aalsmeer

Respiratory complaints significantly improved

In the past I needed a lot of Atrovent and Salbutamol. Every night I was awake and stuffy. Frequently had pneumonia and needed antibiotics every 6 weeks. In May 2012 I started with Ademwijzer training. Within a week I was able to leave the bronchodilators. From May to now (September) only 1x pneumonia. I so wish that doctors would take this way of REAL healing a little more seriously. Also told my own doctor of my findings.
Karin, head of administration, Kampen

No more bronchitis

Before the Breathe wiser training, I suffered from a cold several times a year, which then always turned into bronchitis. I haven't had bronchitis for 1 ½ years now. I did have a cold once, but that went away quickly and didn't get 'in my lungs.
Miranda, animal shelter manager, Veldhoven

Officially no more sleep apnea

I haven't used the CPAP since the summer holidays and it's going well. I have now been to the pulmonologist and have indicated that I have followed the Breath Pointer training and no longer use the CPAP. He wanted to determine by means of a sleep test whether I really had no or almost no respiratory arrests. The sleep test showed that I was on an average of only 1.8 breathing stops. I have since returned the device and that felt like the end of my apnea story. My energy level has also increased significantly.
Paul, entrepreneur, Nijkerk

Get rid of hyperventilation complaints

I suffered from hyperventilation complaints for months. My complaints were particularly dizzy, tired and especially stressed. Because of these complaints, but especially because of the tension I felt in my body, I was also insecure and anxious. I have taken many other therapies, with little result. After 3 months of applying the exercises, I sleep much better, I no longer have hyperventilation attacks, my dizziness is almost gone, I have much more energy, and when I feel some tension in my body after a busy week, I do an exercise a few times and the tension really goes away, great feeling!
René, teacher, Deventer

Menstruation back and tapering off Oxasepam

Heleen only had a CP of 8 seconds when she arrived… She reported to us after four weeks: 'I now regularly have a CP of 25 or 30. My period has suddenly started again, I haven't had that for a few months. And I'm tapering off the Oxasepam!'
Helen, housewife, Breukelen

Now I know: I had chronic hyperventilation

Last year I suffered from high breathing, stress, poor sleep and irritability towards my family. I searched the internet and came to Marc's website via google, I recognized many complaints there that I had. Now I'm back to healthy breathing. The stress complaints have also disappeared and I have good long nights again. I have also started to pay more attention to my diet and have noticed that this also affects my breathing and my mood. I have become a lot more relaxed with my family.
Ellen, HR consultant, Spijkenisse

Ignition value decreased

Before the breath pointer training my inflammation value was 260, three months after the training it is 98. If it drops further to 40 I officially no longer have Crohn's.
Sanne, Business Administration student, Deventer

Blood pressure dropped

My blood pressure has dropped sharply since I started the Breath Pointer training and is back to a healthy level. I am glad I took the training.
Esther, farmer's wife, Steenwijk

Weaning off antidepressants

Recently I also picked up squash again. And I'm tapering off the antidepressants. It's like you have everything under control again. And the dose of drugs is greatly reduced. Some kind of veil has been removed. I was half there and now I'm all the way back. A good friend said after the squash match 'did you do a zen course or something?' I was super calm and controlled.
Robert, software engineer, The Hague

Ready to yawn

For over 20 years I suffered from yawning. For example, I often yawned in the car on the way back from a party. But even after eating a large meal I often yawned. All this was very annoying for myself but also for the environment. In addition, I suffered from leg cramps while swimming, I had numb fingers and toes and a bloated feeling after a day's work. In recent years there have been several studies, but unfortunately the cause of my yawning problem could not be found. In the end it was found that I suffered from chronic hyperventilation. Fortunately, I then found the Breath Pointer training. Now I am rid of the above complaints. How wonderful it is to live without yawning and to be able to swim without getting cramps!
Niels, police officer, Zutphen


For years I walked around with, afterwards, chronic hyperventilation complaints. After an alert nurse heard my breathing and voice, a provocation test was finally done and I was diagnosed with chronic hyperventilation. With this diagnosis I searched for 'appropriate support' for 2 years until I finally found the Breath Guide training. Immediately achieved results from day 1. Feeling better, getting better, this is real life!
Daniel, telemarketer, Zwolle

Stool and skin improved

My bowel movements and skin have improved a lot: less inflammation and faster recovery. And I'm calmer and more cheerful overall. I also suffer less from PMS.
Leonie, nurse, Doetinchem

Deep relaxation

Through the training I experienced real deep relaxation for the first time. The check break is going up well.
Ilona, ​​shop assistant, Heelsum

Work picked up, respiratory complaints disappeared

I am now back to work for half days. Keeps getting better. Have warm hands almost permanently. Delicious. No more mucus in the throat or having to cough. No more stuffy nose and I don't even know where to lie my Ventolin.
Joyce, pharmacy assistant, Zeist

More stamina

I always breathe through my nose now. I adapt my efforts to my breathing condition. I have more stamina. After the workout I also feel much better and I am less tired.
Nathalie, animal caretaker, Hilversum

Dizziness about

I suffered from vertigo for four years. The exercises have not once made me dizzy.
Maaike, entrepreneur, Ermelo

Thyroid values ​​up

This winter I haven't had bronchitis, so I didn't have to 'puff'. I no longer suffer from eczema. My thyroid level has suddenly gone up. Can now with lower drug (had 125mg now 100mg) per day. Sleep much better and longer but wake up fit at 7 in the morning. No more constipation, no pills.
Femke, beautician, Dedemsvaart


Before I started the Breathe wiser training  , my night consisted of 4 or 5 blocks of sleep of 1.5 to 2 hours each. As a result of the apnea, I kept waking up briefly and thus never reached my deep sleep. Result: almost permanently tired and often doze off during the day. I feel much better now because I start the night with several hours of deep sleep. I usually wake up rested instead of tired.
Wendy, catering manager, IJmuiden

Your eyes are shining again!

Before the Breath Pointer training, I scored 15% below average on the lung function test. Because of the training I scored 109% in the test this week. The mucus formation of the past six months has stopped. I had mucus in my mouth every 5 minutes and I don't have that anymore. I don't cough anymore either. I have warm hands all day long. An acquaintance I recently met said: 'You look so good, your eyes are shining again!'
Michel, food quality controller, Borne

Thoughts calmer

The Breath Pointer training has an enormous influence. I notice that my thoughts are calmer, even in stressful situations.
Kim, primary school teacher, Wijchen

Just shopping again

When I used to go into a store, the question was whether I could do all the shopping. I was often very stressed and anxious at the cash register. Now I can keep my breathing calm by doing the exercise on time.
Annemarie, office manager, Bergen

Sports now gives energy

The tips I received during the training to exercise in a healthy way really helped. I'm not so exhausted anymore. I now feel fit and energetic after the sport.
Judith, dietician, Etten Leur

Fears under control

I'm doing things I haven't done in a long time. I also enjoy going out again. It is a nice feeling to have this technique at hand and not to be so anxious anymore.
Linda, student, Hardenberg

Otrivin no longer needed

I don't have a cold that often anymore and I don't have a sinus infection anymore. That is why I no longer have to use means such as Otrivin, which I actually used too often.
Jessica, receptionist, Rotterdam

Living without respiratory medication

It is nice and getting used to at the same time not to use respiratory medication at all and to be completely responsible yourself.
Bass, military, Driebergen

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